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Newborn Studio photography is an amazing way to capture your new baby in the first few weeks of life, so you can remember all those small details and just how tiny they were.


  • If you are interested in a session it is highly recommend that you book in as soon as possible. Sessions are limited every month and fill up so fast! To book ahead for your session with me I just require your due date and for you to pay a non-refundable session retainer to lock in your session. Your session will be pencilled in against your due date.
  • After the birth of your baby please do call or email me so we can schedule your session right away. The sooner we can book your session in the better as babies tend to be sleepy and cuddly in the first few weeks.

All props, outfits and wraps for the styling of the session will be provided for your baby, so please do not stress about this. I have a range of beautoful specialised newborn props such as baskets, bowls, nests, bonnets and headbands for you to choose from.

Your newborn session will begin with me getting to know you and your baby, your interests and your unique personalities for a truly personal session. I will ask what colour schemes you would like for your session and what images you really want to capture to display in your home, with our beautiful range of Wall Art and Albums that are available.

Thank-you for entrusting me to photograph, pose and handle your baby. Not only have I had two children myself but I handle several babies each month and am very careful and patient with them. I never force a baby to do anything they seem resistant to. Having the parents relax during the session is key as babies feed off their parents energy. If you are anxious then they have a hard time settling down as well.

Newborn sessions are typically 3 hours long. Sometimes we finish earlier and sometimes run over. It all depends how your baby is feeling that day. I recommend not scheduling any other appointments immediately after your session.

  • Please bring a dummy along if your child uses one as they help to get babies to sleep and soothe them. If you have one (even if your child won’t really take it) please bring it to the session as it may help me. If you do not plan on using a dummy please be assured that babies don’t get attached to them after our session and they really do help calm a fussy baby.
  • I will have everything we need for the session: plenty of wipes, waterproof covers, nappies, dummies and an area for changing and feeding Bub
  • Clothing for your family
  • Clothes for Mum – something along the lines of a tank top, tube, camisole. Black or in a white/nude/beige color. Pants or skirt to match. Jeans are fine too. Avoid prints. If you’re not sure what will work better bring all of it. I also have some beautiful fabric to wrap around you for a more organic look. Let me know if that is something you would like to try.
  • For Dads – a white, grey or black plain t-shirt or bare skin to skin with baby looks really beautiful. Please feel free to let me know what you prefer and are comfortable with.
  • For siblings – Bring a white, grey or black t-shirt as well for their individual photos with baby.Please do try and iron your clothes.
  • TIP: Keep all outfits ready before you leave for you birth. That way once you are back home and tired you don’t have to concern yourself with it
  • If you need some inspiration for outfits please feel free to chat with me