The Meaning behind my Photography Business

So I thought with having a new website and all, I should jump on and re-introduce myself. Hi I'm Emma and I want to help you capture your special memories in my own special way.....

So many people often ask me the following questions....How long have you being doing this? How did you get into photography? Don't you get sick of taking photos all the time? The simple answer is no, I don't get sick of doing this. Photography has been my life for as long as I can remember. I can remember being about 3 yers old and begging my parents to buy me the camera I saw in a TV commercial. I think it has always just been a part of who I am.

I am one to always reminisce and think about when I was a kid, I guess what better way to do that than with a photograph. It is so true you know the old saying ' a picture tells a thousand words', a picture really does tell a thousand words, it does more than that. A picture for me reminds me of what the weather was like, it reminds me of the smells in the air, of the people I was with, if I was happy, sad or angry, a picture for me reminds me of how I felt in the exact moment....and this is why I do what I do, this is why I chose to be a photographer. I can help people to capture memories that they can share with their friends, children and grandchildren.

Photography whether it being wedding photography, portrait photography, architectural photography, food photography or fashion photography, serves a purpose, and that purpose is to capture a moment in time for us to remember. We only live once and I think that there are so many memories that we should capture.

I want to be the person who helps you remember your babie's beautiful skin, or your first kiss as husband and wife, or the little wrinkles on your face when you smile. Photography will help you cherish these moments and feelings and make you smile when you look back in many years to come.