It's all in the details....

Written By Emma Zealey - Emma Marie Photography

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, where you want your photographer to document it in a way you want to remember. Here at Emma Marie Photography we believe once you have booked your photographer, that couples should consider that images that will be most important to them.

You have picked your photographer because you trust the relationship that you will have with them. Your wedding photographer holds the very important job of being able to capture your day so you can feel its essence when you look back at your wedding. So what is it exactly that you want in album when you look back in years to come.

For us here we love the little details that go into making your day special, such as the decorations or what the Bride and Groom were wearing or those extra little items that you have spent hours working on...

Here is our list of top 20 images that you might want to capture on tour wedding day.

  1. First Look Between the Bride and Groom - This comes down the personal preference and whether you want to follow tradition, but a totally gorgeous image is when the Groom sees his Bride in her wedding dress for the time. It is such a sweet moment to capture between the couple and there is usually a few tears
  2. The Invitation Suite: You have most probably spent a small fortune on organising amazing stationary to use to invite your guests to your wedding day. We recommend to keep a set of your all your stationery for your photographer to capture for you. A beautiful way to document this is with a gorgeous flat lay arrangement styled by your photographer.
  3. The Father of the Bride seeing his daughter in her dress - What a magical moment when a father sees his daughter for this first time in her Wedding Dress. His little girl is all grown up
  4. Wedding Rings - So lovely to capture the bling bling. We love these shots in macro
  5. Wedding Flowers - These shots are gorgeous to have in wedding albums. You might want to include some of the flowers on their own and with the Bride and Bridesmaids holding them up close. We always also try to capture the Groom's buttonhole in a lovely close up shot if he is wearing one
  6. Decorations - So much time and effort has gone into your day to make it feel special. Have your photographer sneak in prior to your guests arriving to your ceremony and reception to capture the beautiful room or location set ups
  7. The Kiss!
  8. Family Photos - Have photos with all of your immediate family and extended family is always recommend. You can't forget that special photo with your Nanna
  9. Group Photo with Bridal Party and all the wedding guests - a fun way to make all of your guests feel involved
  10. The First Dance - Husband and Wife having their first dance as husband and wife, what a special moment
  11. The Wedding Cake - Who wouldn't want a photo of the delicious cake that was devoured during the wedding reception.
  12. The Bride's Accessories - Shots of the Bride's jewellery, perfume, garter and veil are lovely images to capture and display beautifully in a wedding album. Such a special reminder of how the Bride felt like a princess on her Wedding Day
  13. Bride Getting Ready - These is a wonderful opportunity for your photographer to capture some lovely candid moments of the Bride putting her Wedding Dress on. The mother of the Bride will quite often assist with doing up the back of the dress, which makes for a beautiful image
  14. Bridal Portrait - A fantastic opportunity to capture some amazing solo portraits of the Bride all dolled up with her Dress on, hair done and holding her bouquet
  15. Bridal Party - Bridal Party portraits are generally taken after the ceremony and are super fun because every is much more relaxed. Have fun with it. This is a time where some amazing shots are taken.
  16. Bride Walking Down the aisle - A lovely image of the back of the Bride walking down the aisle as she approaches her man
  17. Groom Watching Bride walk down the aisle - The look on his face as he sees her coming towards him. This is getting real!
  18. The Wedding Vows - the most sacred part of the day, where man and woman become husband and wife
  19. Exchange of Rings - Capturing the moments where the rings are exchanged and the couple are now officially married
  20. Exit from Ceremony - A favourite for many photographers as the Bride and Groom exit back down the aisle for their moment of celebration. if you venue allows confetti we recommend it!